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Is there a minimum service requirement for on location weddings?

  • Yes, we do have a 6 service minimum per stylist.

What is a service?

  • Hair is considered 1 service, makeup is considered 1 service. So one person could potentially be 2 services.​

What if my bridesmaid has really short hair, is it cheaper?​

  • Sorry, all of our prices are the same regardless of hair length.

How do you want us to prepare for hair and makeup services?​

  • For hair services we like everyone to have clean and dry hair. (we suggest washing it the day before) For makeup please have a clean and moisturized face that is free from any previous makeup debris. Apply some chapstick in the morning and have a lip color that you will be able to reapply throughout the day.

Does my bridal party need to be there at a certain time?​

  • Yes, we prefer that your entire bridal party arrives all at once, but if that is not possible they need to arrive at least 15 minutes before their scheduled time slot.

What is included in your makeup service?​

  • We only offer airbrush foundation because we stand behind the durability and longevity, you will love it! We do a full face application down to the decollate and false eyelashes are also included.

Do I need to do a trial?​

  • We highly encourage that you do a trial 6-8 weeks before the big day but, it is not a requirement.

Is the trial included in the price?​

  • No, we charge the same amount for the trial as the day of.

How do I book you?​

  • Once you send us all of your wedding date information we will send you a contract and deposit which will lock in your date once completed. 

How much is the deposit?

  • The deposit is equivalent to the total amount of the brides services. Example: If you are getting hair and makeup your deposit will be $160, if you are only getting one or the other it would be $80. That will then go towards your services on the wedding day.

If a member of the bridal party decides to longer get their service done, do I still have to pay?​

  • We give you 60 days from the event to add or subtract from your total number of services. Once you are within those 60 days you will have to pay for any losses. 

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